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Think I have the route sorted

Posted in Birth of the plan with tags , , , , , on November 20, 2009 by Gill Rockatansky

I thought this would be the hardest part, deciding how far to travel each day. At first I was thinking that I’d cycle, cycle, cycle some more and then see how far I’d got each day. Instead I have gone for a 14 day route so I can have a goal for each day, now all I have to do is train to make that goal achievable. At the moment, this may be draft 1, here is the route I have come up with.

Day 01: Land’s End to Bodmin – 58.0 miles

Day 02: Bodmin to Exeter – 62.3 miles

Day 03: Exeter to Clevedon – 65.8 miles

Day 04: Clevedon to Tewkesbury – 54.3 miles

Day 05: Tewkesbury to Stafford – 64.2 miles

Day 06: Stafford to Wigan – 62.0 miles

Day 07: Wigan to Kendal – 60.8 miles

Day 08: Kendal to Gretna – 55.9 miles

Day 09: Gretna to Kirkmuirhill – 64.3 miles

Day 10: Kirkmuirhill to Auchterarder – 56.7 miles

Day 11: Auchterarder to Dalnaspidal Lodge – 61.2 miles

Day 12: Dalnaspidal Lodge to Inverness – 64.3 miles

Day 13: Inverness to Brora – 56.8 miles

Day 14: Brora to John O’ Groats – 62.9 miles

That is 851 miles in total, which you can check with a calculator or on Google Maps. So, if i train up to doing 60 miles per day then I should hopefully manage this without dying. Remember, it will be way more boring for me than doing the actual journey, so spread the word, spread the link and hopefully #gillonabike will have some form of interactive content thanks to the webcam, chat room and Skype.

As always, let me know your thoughts.