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My 874 mile cycling plans (for charity)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , , , on November 18, 2009 by Gill Rockatansky

Yes, little ol’ agoraphobic me is planning to cycle 874 miles – in my flat.

Here is the plan. Lots of people cycle the LEJOG, Lands End to John o’ Groats, every year for sponsorship. Since my agoraphobia, social phobia, depression and dislike of weather preclude me from doing the actual journey, I’m going to do it on an exercise bike instead. That might sound like it’ll be easy, but I do plan to be cycling 70-80 miles per day – an idea which I do find pretty scary, given my level of unfitness. I was initially going to raise money for a kids hospital, and still might, but I’m going to see if there is a suitable Social Phobia based charity I could raise money for. I also hope that I’ll be able to help spread some awareness, perhaps in collaboration with the charity, via the next part of my plan.

How would anyone know that I was actually doing any cycling in my flat? That’s the sort of thing that people would have to know, or they wouldn’t donate anything through natural human mistrust. So, here are my proposals for proving that I’m really doing the cycling.

  1. Photographs: Each day I will take a photograph of the exercise bikes readout at 0, then take a photo to show my progress each time I have a break.
  2. Webcam: Thanks to my Stickam account, and weekly radio show (cheap plug there), I know that it’s very easy to broadcast live streaming video. A bonus of that is the fact that every time I start broadcasting, it posts an announcement on my Twitter account. So as soon as I prepare to cycle I just need to start broadcasting and people can watch. That might sound a bit dull, but I’ll be able to read all the nice messages that people send – and my mic means I’ll be able to chat occasionally.
  3. Wii Fit: Although it’s not a major part of things, I did think it would be interesting to keep a day by day note of my weight and BMI – also photographed/filmed. If anyone thinks I am daft enough to fake the cycling, whilst still doing something else to change my weight and BMI, then they’re probably too jaded to care about charity anyway.

All that stuff being updated daily means that, hopefully, people will be a bit more interested. I really like the fact that they can, via the interwebs, keep me company while I spend hour after hour on a rather uncomfortable seat. If you can think of any other ideas then please add them as a comment, it’s much appreciated. Twitter also seems like it might be helpful, since it only takes one click of a button to spread the word, then another click by someone else to spread the news even further. Perhaps there could even be a hash tag added to try and make it a trending topic. Since I started growing my hair I’ve been called Jesus a few times, so perhaps that hash tag should be #gillonabike.

All the updates, photos, and videos will be put up on this blog and . Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow me to add embedded video, so I may have to place it elsewhere – unless the version of WordPress that you can add to your own site does allow it. If that is the case then all I’d need is some kind soul with their own web space to give me a small piece of it so I can build a little site to house all the information/blog etc.

So, that’s the genesis of the plan. Please let me know what you think. If you’re on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking site and think this is an interesting idea, please pass a link to this blog onto your friends, follow me on Twitter and Retweet @GillOnABike New Blog Post: My 874 mile cycling plans (for charity) #gillonabike