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Think I have the route sorted

Posted in Birth of the plan with tags , , , , , on November 20, 2009 by Gill Rockatansky

I thought this would be the hardest part, deciding how far to travel each day. At first I was thinking that I’d cycle, cycle, cycle some more and then see how far I’d got each day. Instead I have gone for a 14 day route so I can have a goal for each day, now all I have to do is train to make that goal achievable. At the moment, this may be draft 1, here is the route I have come up with.

Day 01: Land’s End to Bodmin – 58.0 miles

Day 02: Bodmin to Exeter – 62.3 miles

Day 03: Exeter to Clevedon – 65.8 miles

Day 04: Clevedon to Tewkesbury – 54.3 miles

Day 05: Tewkesbury to Stafford – 64.2 miles

Day 06: Stafford to Wigan – 62.0 miles

Day 07: Wigan to Kendal – 60.8 miles

Day 08: Kendal to Gretna – 55.9 miles

Day 09: Gretna to Kirkmuirhill – 64.3 miles

Day 10: Kirkmuirhill to Auchterarder – 56.7 miles

Day 11: Auchterarder to Dalnaspidal Lodge – 61.2 miles

Day 12: Dalnaspidal Lodge to Inverness – 64.3 miles

Day 13: Inverness to Brora – 56.8 miles

Day 14: Brora to John O’ Groats – 62.9 miles

That is 851 miles in total, which you can check with a calculator or on Google Maps. So, if i train up to doing 60 miles per day then I should hopefully manage this without dying. Remember, it will be way more boring for me than doing the actual journey, so spread the word, spread the link and hopefully #gillonabike will have some form of interactive content thanks to the webcam, chat room and Skype.

As always, let me know your thoughts.




Slight change of plans needed?

Posted in Birth of the plan with tags , , , , , , , on November 18, 2009 by Gill Rockatansky

Don’t worry, I’m not being defeatist. Since I announced my LEJOG intention I’ve had some great feedback from you guys and dolls, thanks for that. So, here are the main points that have been raised.

  1. The idea is great and people would be willing to sponsor me. That is good to know, so thanks to you all for that early support.
  2. I should plot out a virtual route and show how far along it I have travelled each day, pointing out places of interest. I had planned to do that, but was keeping it as a bit of a surprise. Oh well, the secret is out now. Once I’ve figured out an average distance for each days cycle I am going to plot it all out on Google Maps so I can post pictures of where I am and point out places of interest. It just brings a new dimension to the whole thing, and a target for each day.
  3. I’ll be cycling more than someone who’s doing the actual journey because I won’t be able to, like you do on a bike, build up momentum and cruise for sections. I did know that this would be a problem, but I have no idea what to do about it yet. Should I figure out a percentage of time that I’d be cruising and reduce the total distance accordingly? If I do, how do I work out the percentage? Any ideas, post them as a comment.
  4. This will be a bit of a boring, uncomfortable, endurance task. Since I’ll be in the comfort of my own home I’ll have a few ways to combat this. Firstly, I’ll be cycling to music, movies or tv shows. Some albums, like Carter USM’s 101 Damnations, are perfect for cycling to and will help me keep my speed up. I’ll also, hopefully, have the company of people in the Stickam chat room when they’re checking the webcam to see that I’m not slacking off. Regarding comfort, expect to see the number of cushions on the bike seat increase daily.

So there are the main issues which have been raised by some of you, which I’m extremely grateful for. I still haven’t thought of a charity, but I’m definitely going to look out ones which deal with Social Phobias. I may contact a few of them to see what they think of the idea and whether they’d be responsive to the idea of spreading awareness about the problems via Twitter. With your help I’d like to get lots of regular visitors to the blog and followers on Twitter so I can show the charities that people are interested, then they might be more likely to help with spreading awareness – and more awareness means more donations. I’ve set up this separate blog and Twitter account to keep this from being about me, I don’t want people thinking that this is some kind of stunt to help benefit myself in any way. For me it’s all about the issues, and getting people to understand how damaging Social Phobia and Depression can be, particularly in a time when sufferers are regularly failing their DWP required Medical Services examinations – putting them through a very stressful appeal process which a very large amount of them go on to pass.

Thanks for reading this, and please keep commenting here and on Twitter. Also, let me know if there is anything else you would like me to blog about on here, like related subjects or my own experiences with depression and social phobias.